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Maintenance Technician

Job Number:

Department: Maintenance

Location: Dumas, AR


Job Scope:

Maintenance Technicians are to perform a wide variety of mechanical and electrical tasks. These tasks include but are not limited to the following: Changing bearings, seals and shafts, replacing hardware, troubleshooting equipment, performing regular preventative maintenance on all the equipment, reading wire diagrams, wiring motors, and general electrical work. The goal is to be well rounded and familiar with all the equipment on site to maintain a safe and efficient workplace.

Work Environment:

As a maintenance tech, I understand that work is performed indoors, outdoors, confined spaces, platforms, elevated heights, and in loud and/or dusty environments. I agree to use all necessary PPE for whatever task and environment I must perform work in.

Food Safety Commitment:

Diamond Pet Foods is a leading manufacturer of Premium Pet Foods that markets its products nationally and internationally. Our success is measured by the satisfaction of our customers. We strive to provide them with safe, quality products and service that continually meets or exceeds their expectations. The Maintenance Technician will help foster a safety conscience environment, that encourages involvement and provides the highest level of integrity. Diamond Pet Foods will always be conscious of business ethics, regulatory requirements, and our environment. They will expect employees to take ownership pride in the products that go out the doors and, in the service, they give their customers.

Duties and Responsibilities:

As a Maintenance Technician, I accept the following responsibilities and duties.

  • Maintain Good Manufacturing Practices. (GMP)
  • Follow and comply with machine/facility Standard Operation Procedures. (SOP)
  • Perform all functions in accordance with sound safety practices and procedures.
  • Be familiar with all on-site equipment.
  • Analyze machine error messages and information obtained from operators in order to diagnose equipment issues.
  • Make needed repairs/adjustments to correct machine issues.
  • Test and observe equipment after making repairs/adjustments to verify the issue is corrected completely.
  • Maintain clean work environment after completion of a task.
  • Examine machines and parts in service for damage and defects.
  • Complete assigned preventative maintenance in a timely manner.
  • Be able to perform diagnostic tests with a basic electrical multimeter. (Voltage, Current draw, and Continuity)
  • Perform basic 3-phase and single phase industrial electrical repairs.
  • Read blueprints and electrical drawings.
  • Complete other tasks assigned by the Maintenance Manager, Shift Supervisor, or Management member.

Additional Job Functions:

  • Maintain good standing working relationships with Co-Workers.
  • Be a Team Player.
  • Other Duties and Responsibilities as required or assigned by a Supervisor.


  • Must be able to lift 50 pounds routinely.
  • Able to climb ladders to perform work from elevated platforms and catwalks.
  • Must work in a safe, professional manner at all times.
  • Must report any accidents, property damage, or near misses to a Supervisor immediately.
  • Must have the ability to accept temporary assignment changes to assist other areas of the Plant, maintaining a positive, professional attitude.
  • Obtain Arkansas state boiler operator’s license.
  • Must possess excellent communication skills to properly communicate with Employees and Supervisors.

Overtime and On-Call Duties:

There is mandatory overtime and on-call rotation associated with being a maintenance technician. This may include weekends and/or holidays.

Please send resume and completed application to [email protected].

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