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Microbiology Technologist

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Department: Microbiology Lab

Location: Dumas, AR


Reports To:

Microbiology Lab Manager


Microbiology technologists are responsible for conducting microbiological tasks with a variety of technology, equipment and techniques. They are in charge of using different biological approaches to conduct laboratory-testing activities. Their main duties include implementing operating procedures and following strict safety procedures to avoid incidents.

Food Safety Commitment:

Diamond Pet Foods is a leading manufacturer of Premium Pet Foods that markets its products nationally and internationally. Our success is measured by the satisfaction of our customers. We strive to provide them with safe, quality products and service that continually meets or exceeds their expectations. The Microbiology Technician will help foster a safety conscience environment, that encourages involvement and provides the highest level of integrity. Diamond Pet Foods will always be conscious of business ethics, regulatory requirements, and our environment. They will expect employees to take ownership pride in the products that go out the doors and, in the service, they give their customers.

Expectations & Job Performance:

These individuals are analytical and organized to conduct experiments in a logical manner. They report their progress to the microbiology supervisor in their organization. They work with other technologists to share important microbiology data and complete laboratory tasks in a timely manner. However, these individuals can work on their own with minimal supervision. They also utilize a computer to maintain accurate microbiology information and input results on company databases for future reference. They know how to use biology equipment and participate in meetings to suggest new ways to improve micro processes. Microbiology technologists organize work flow and process results with accuracy. They also take part in research tasks to verify results. They are proficient with office software and use word processing applications to write extensive microbiology reports and run calculations with spreadsheet software. Microbiology technologists know how to operate standard laboratory equipment and clean and maintain tools. They calibrate and repair different microbiology devices. They also know how to analyze biology data and correlate with other variables. They are familiar with newer technology and strive to implement different methodologies to become more efficient in all biology activities.


  • 4-year degree in a scientific background preferred.
  • 2 +yr. experience as a Laboratory Technician in a Food Manufacturing Facility or other Laboratory preferred.
  • Previous laboratory experience strongly preferred.
  • Must have a valid driver’s license and the ability to drive a vehicle.

Microbiology Technologist Tasks:

  • Test, calibrate and clean equipment and machinery.
  • Perform tests according to standards and document results.
  • Prepare specimens and materials, including cleaning the workspace.
  • Record, check and analyze data to create reports and communicate quality.
  • Quick thinking “on the fly”
  • Mathematical skills and computation.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • As directed and trained, conduct various tests for incoming environmental and pet food samples.
  • Tests will include EC, pH, coliforms, EB, aerobic plate count, other salmonella indicators, as well as salmonella testing.
  • Testing: Sample processing, media preparation, washing glassware, reagent preparation, equipment calibration, equipment validation, lab sanitation and supply ordering.
  •  Routinely check paperwork for accuracy and completeness in accordance with ISO standards.
  • Perform and comply with all Standard Operating Procedures/Work Instructions (SOPs/WI).
  • Working overtime is MANDATORY and requires full participation.
  • Maintain Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) in accordance to company policy.
  • Perform all functions in accordance with sound safety practices and procedures.
  • Must be computer literate; Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, etc.
  • Must be capable of lifting 25 pounds of product routinely.
  • Must work in a safe, professional manner at all times.
  • Must have excellent communication skills to communicate with other employees and supervisors.
  • Flexibility to be available to help cover for other Lab employees when called upon.
  • May perform additional duties and functions as assigned by Diamond Management.
  • Maintain good working relationship with co-workers by being a team player.

Work Environment:

Work is performed indoors near operating equipment and loud noise; such as forklift horns and loose particles may be present. Strong smells are common in the workplace. Work performed in this job requires employee to wear a lab coat, safety shoes/boots, and safety glasses at all times. In addition, work performed in this job requires employee to stand and/or walk constantly.

Please send resume and completed application to [email protected].

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